• Cal State University- Dominguez Hills (map)
  • 1000 East Victoria Street
  • Carson, CA, 90747
  • United States

Vegetarian and Vegan Food
Guest Speakers
Vendors, and More!

The Veggie Connection is a network event where attendees are exposed to a host of plant-based food vendors, non-food vendors, speakers, entertainment, and more.

The Veggie Connection aims to not only create awareness regarding the plant-based lifestyle, but to ensure that it is accessible, enjoyable and sustainable for all who are on this journey towards wellness and abundance.

The Veggie Connection Event was created to fill the space where these sorts of events are not occurring. We feel that people shouldn't have to travel far just to experience an event of this nature that usually occurs in a major city.

Our events are based on a more intimate type setting. We like for our attendees to be able to take their time to talk and interact with each vendor, speaker, entertainer, and not be overcrowded. Attendees can relax and enjoy themselves in an air condition facility or in a park setting with blankets and tents.

Whether you're vegan, vegetarian, or veggie-curious, The Veggie Connection Event will provide you with helpful information through plant based, wellness options. We strive to make our events fun and inclusive, with all the diverse reasons in which people choose a vegetarian/vegan lifestyle.

"The Veggie Connection," where friendships, and connections are made over plant-based food!