For those who have been on this journey with me over the years, you know this is a LONG time coming. From my tiny, pre-war kitchen in Washington Heights, New York began the germination of a desire to make the best plant-based (100% vegan) food that anyone ever had.

On my long journey to my current plant-based life, I never settled for food that ONLY met a dietary checkpoint. It better look good and taste even better. Friends and family are very familiar with my "No Vegan Pass" mantra: just because the ingredients have changed, my expectation for culinary excellence has not.

Now in full bloom, after numerous tastings, years of research, and stepping out on faith, my realization of Kemba's Kitchen is finally a reality! :)

As a special THANK YOU to everyone who supported me over the years and held my feet to the fire, I have a Raspberry Lavender with Lemon Zest Glaze Cupcake for everyone who stops by the lab* after 3pm TODAY ONLY!

*Email for in person only--no shipping